Costa Rica

Located on the Central American isthmus, just above Panama and about 10 degrees north of the Equator, Costa Rica is truly a tropical paradise. With coasts on both the Pacific and Caribbean and mountains in the center of the country, there is no shortage of excitement to be found for those looking for relaxation, recreation or natural beauty. And for city lovers, San Jose is a vibrant city with an abundance of restaurants, night clubs, casinos, sports bars, shopping malls, and a world class symphony.

The weather is always great. In the central valley, where San Jose is located, the days are mild and warm and the nights are cool. The beaches heat up during the day for those that like the hot tropical sun. And there are mountains that rise higher than 10,000 feet in altitude where the weather is always cool and brisk. Being so close to the equator, there’s not much variance in temperatures from one season to another, but instead the seasons are differentiated by precipitation. The preferred time for most tourists is the dry season which lasts from about November until May. During this time, there is not much rainfall, even in the rainforests. During the rainy season, from May until November, you can expect afternoon showers in the central valley and the beaches and heavier downpours in the rainforests. Don’t let the rainy season scare you away; the rain doesn’t last all day and the mornings are sunny and bright.


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